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What’s The Eleven-Year-Old reading this week?

Granted by John David Anderson

What the book’s about: Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets is a fairy-in-training in the magical land of Haven. Her job, should she be deemed worthy of it, will be to grant humans the secret wishes they whisper to stars, birthday candles, and pennies thrown into fountains.

Being a Granter is one of Haven’s most important jobs. Granters generate the magic that makes everything fairies do possible, and that keeps Haven itself safe and tucked away from prying human eyes.

Of course there’s a catch. Worldwide magic is at an all-time low, which makes it really tricky for a young fairy-in-training to figure out how to grant wishes. Ophelia’s going to need more than just a bit of fairy dust to get this job done.

Why The Eleven-Year-Old Likes It: “It’s an interesting engaging read about fairies. What could possibly go wrong?”

Fairytales From Around the World by Andrew Lang

What the book’s about: Andrew Lang’s collection features 100 fairy tales from 50 countries around the world, with illustrations by H.J. Ford.

Why The Eleven-Year-Old Likes It: “The fairytales range from cool, not very scary, but intriguing to frighteningly good writing that gives you chills.”

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