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(Not at all) Wordless Wednesday: Fractal Cauliflower

Look what we found at the Farmer’s Market a week or two ago:

Close-up of the pale green fractal sprouts on a Romanesco broccoli

Photo: Michael Howell

At the time, we called it a fractal cauliflower, but I’ve since learned it’s not a cauliflower at all. It’s actually Romanesco broccoli.

It’s shaped like cauliflower (more or less), but it tastes like broccoli (mostly). I can hear The Ten-Year-Old’s Uncle Phil from here: “Worst of both worlds.”

We actually like broccoli though, so we roasted it using our go-to broccoli recipe, and it was fabulous.

I can’t wait to see what surprises the winter farmer’s market holds for us next week.

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2 Responses to “(Not at all) Wordless Wednesday: Fractal Cauliflower”

  1. Kate's Bookshelf

    We’ve grown romanesco broccoli on our farm. I get lost in fractals, especially in cauliflower. But as well as pine cones, sunflowers, and trying to hunt for it in various forms of nature. I love fractals.



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