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Wordless Wednesday: The Ten-Year-Old finds the world’s smallest lizard

Last week, I told you about The Ten-Year-Old’s daring capture of the world’s second largest* dragonfly. This week, it’s time to highlight her cunning kidnapping of the world’s smallest* lizard.

Photo: Shala Howell

She named him Littlefellow before releasing him back into the wild.

*In our experience. The world probably does contain larger dragonflies and smaller lizards. We just haven’t found them yet. 

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6 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Ten-Year-Old finds the world’s smallest lizard”

  1. rayworth1973

    In Lompoc California (way before it became Calee’fornia), I used to catch blue-bellied lizards all over the place. This was back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Good times! As for dragonflies, we had a place we called “Tha’ Ditch.” It was a flood control channel that ran along V street in Lompoc that was pure adventure for us kids. The canal was V-shaped just like the street name and at the bottom was always water flowing. It was full of frogs, tadpoles and lots of different colored dragonflies. Those were the days!


    • Shala Howell

      Yeah, there was a ravine (well, a little creek really, but it looked like a ravine to me with wonderful sloping walls just begging to be excavated) behind my elementary school in Dallas. I would dig in it at recess for arrow-heads (found a few too). They’ve filled it in now and put a proper playground over the top of it. Much less interesting to both me and The Ten-Year-Old, but I suppose easier to insure.


  2. rayworth1973

    They cement lined “Tha’ Ditch” years, maybe decades ago and now it has a proper name, well, maybe it always did, but on Google Maps, it’s named and of course, given political correctness and to help save the kiddies from fun and mayhem, it’s now fenced and properly barb-wired for their safety. Oh well…one day, I’ll have to tell you about Ryon Park, another place we used to play at in Lompoc.



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