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We interrupt this blog for a writing day

a child's hands pecks at the keys of an old Smith-Corona Coronet typewriter.

Photo: Michael Howell

The Nine-Year-Old has a day off from school today, and she asked me if she could spend it having a writing day with me.

It promises to be an exciting day for her, sitting across from me at a table while I type earnestly, stare out the window for a while, flip through a few notes, and then type some more.

We’ve got her typewriter set up opposite my laptop on the dining room table. She even has a story assignment, and an important lunch meeting. It’s the Caterpickles version of Bring Your Daughter to Work day.

So, now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go teach The Nine-Year-Old that the most important part of being a writer is simply making time to write.

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