Wordless Wednesday: Back to School

And we’re back. The Nine-Year-Old went back to school this week. Fourth grade already. Amazing. Astounding. 

If I were a normal parent, I’d post a picture of The Nine-Year-Old in her back-to-school outfit with her freshly washed and brushed back-to-school hair.  But both The Nine-Year-Old and I would rather share this: 

A scrap of graffiti that we saw on our walk to school yesterday. (Photo: Shala Howell. Artist: Unknown)
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    • I know. I pretty much try to keep my working hours to while my daughter’s in school, which makes blogging in the summer a challenge. Glad to be back in the working mode now, though, even if it’s taking me a week or two to get back into the daily grind. Lots to catch up on, and it can feel overwhelming. *But* the bathroom renovation is done, I have spiffy new built-in filing cabinets (still empty, of course) and some fresh new bookshelves (half-full, because let’s be real about what my priorities are) in my office, and I have a planner full of to-dos just waiting for me to stop having fun on the internet and start accomplishing real stuff.

      See you around the pond (or around the prickly pear, I suppose, given where you are).

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