Wordless Wednesday: Birdwatching

(Photo: Michael Howell)
(Photo: Michael Howell)

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  1. Got several pairs of “bino-colors” as I call them. I’ve rarely used them to look at birds, and even just as rarely looked at terrestrial stuff. Mostly use them to look at star stuff or comets. However, I much prefer a telescope. Never was much into the wobbly view. Even looked through some 17-inch telescope binoculars back in the 90’s but despite the massive aperture, it just didn’t rock my boat. I prefer single eye observing.

    However, for some people, bino-colors are a great tool. I hope the nine-year old gets a lot of use out of them!


    • We have a telescope in our guest room. We got it after moving to Chicago but before realizing that the light pollution/cloud cover made having a telescope in Chicago a really stupid idea. We’ve used it to look at the moon a couple of times, and once the planets when a bunch of them lined up in a row a while back, but I have a feeling this is one of those things you’d use a lot more if you lived out in the country.


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