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Wordless Wednesday: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Famous Blueberry Pudding

Eleanor Roosevelt’s recipe for blueberry pudding.

Eleanor Roosevelt's recipe for blueberry pudding.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s recipe for blueberry pudding.

A friend of ours who collects vintage cookbooks shared with us this charming, hand-lettered recipe from Eleanor Roosevelt for blueberry pudding. The Eight-Year-Old and I are still debating whether or not to make it. (She prefers her blueberries straight off the bush, and is extremely dubious about anything labeled “pudding.”)

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4 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Famous Blueberry Pudding”

  1. Kate's Bookshelf

    This is so charming. And something I might consider, come summer when our blueberry bushes are in full production. Though I am a bit dubious myself about the bread…. I wonder if you used a sweeter bread for this if it would be better. Thanks for posting. I love it.


    • Shala Howell

      Yeah, I’m curious about the bread too. Might be delicious with King’s Hawaiian Sweet Sliced bread (Can you get that where you are?) I’m thinking that if I were to make this I’d probably just make some white bread in the bread maker and see what happens. I also find it interesting to see the assumed cooking knowledge in the recipe. Everyone knew how to cook and sweeten blueberries on their own so, of course, the instructions for doing it weren’t included. But I don’t make much jam (and even fewer pies and puddings) so I’m going to have to look that bit up. I suspect it’s just sugar, water, and berries (as if you were making cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving), but since this pudding is entirely bread and berries it seems like getting the right flavor on the berries becomes pretty darn important. Let me know if you try it.


      • Kate's Bookshelf

        Yeah, that’s a good idea about the King’s Hawaiian bread. Yes, we can get that here. My grandmother served the rolls at every holiday. It is funny to see the assumed knowledge on sweetening berries. I agree. I know Ina Garten made like a blueberry sauce for crepes once, but I think a Joy of Cooking would probably tell, along with just looking online. It’s fairly simple depending on how sweet you would want the berries. We have a lot of different berries on our farm, so we experiment. Blueberries need less than raspberries, but it all depends. I will let you know if I try it. I think a sweet bread would be good for sure.


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