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What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?

Our mostly-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross The Eight-Year-Old’s desk. This week, The Eight-Year-Old rereads an old favorite, finds the best book ever, and discovers a hidden treasure in the Goodwill Book Bin. 

A sampling of this week’s books:

June 26 Collage

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I said that we experienced some attitude bobbles while The Eight-Year-Old was reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series? Guess what I found her reading last week? I am on high alert.

The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook by Joanne Rocklin

In this middle-grade novel, Oona and her brother Fred struggle to cope with a series of painful transitions. After the death of their father two years before, their mother has started dating again, and their beloved cat, Zook, has become seriously ill. To help cope with the emotional changes, Oona tells her brother Fred a series of stories about Zook’s past lives. While The Eight-Year-Old firmly considers this book “the best book ever,” as her mom I could have used a heads-up that Zook dies in the end. I left a very happy child chortling over Zook’s antics and came back an hour later to find a tear-soaked Eight-Year-Old cradling the boxes that contain the ashes of our cats Mulberry and Cozy.

Exotic Aquarium Fishes by William T. Innes

The Eight-Year-Old picked this book up out of the book bin at Goodwill this week. After reminding her that we were never ever going to have an aquarium, much less fish, no matter how much she learned about them, I let her bring it home. She’s been peppering me with exotic fish facts ever since. It would be awesome, if only she’d use the common name for the fish instead of their scientific ones. The scientific names (and their associated facts) are just swimming right out of my head as fast as she can read them.

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