What’s The Eight-Year-Old reading this week?

Our mostly-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross The Eight-Year-Old’s desk.

Part of the comic for the T. Rex poem by Bill Watterson.
Part of the comic for the T. Rex poem by Bill Watterson.

A sampling of this week’s books:

The Eight-Year-Old’s school has been celebrating poetry all month. Yesterday was Poem in your Pocket day. The kids were asked to pick a poem, print or write it out, and carry it around in their pocket all day, reading it to everyone they met. The Eight-Year-Old picked “The Tyrannosaur” by Bill Watterson.

She only wanted to carry around an edited version of it — one that had the best bits of the poem, in her opinion. But her teacher made her print out and carry the whole thing.

Of course, on Caterpickles The Eight-Year-Old rules, so in honor of The Eight-Year-Old’s original vision for Poem in your Pocket day, here’s the snippet the Eight-Year-Old memorized.

Eighty million years ago,
Back in the late Cretaceous,
Lived the great Tyrannosaur,
A fearsome and predacious
Therapod of monstrous size!
He weighed six tons or more!
He epitomized the concept of
The killer carnivore!


Tyrannosaurs, though rarely seen,
Are certainly still around.
And no one knows just where or when
The next one will be found.

“Except me,” The Eight-Year-Old will smugly add, when she finishes reciting the poem to you.

In case you, like The Eight-Year-Old’s teacher would prefer to read the whole thing, you can find it here.

In the news:

All the news that’s fit to print — with cats (nytimes.cat)


Have you heard? Someone has taken the New York Times front page and replaced all the pictures with animated gifs of cats.

There may be other animal news happening today, but this is pretty much all The Eight-Year-Old cares about. Enjoy.

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