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What’s The Seven-Year-Old reading this week?

Our semi-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross the The Seven-Year-Old’s desk.

In the news:

Rare Tiger Family Caught on Video in China (National Geographic)

Due to extensive hunting, fewer than 400 Siberian tigers remain in their Russian and Chinese habitats. Video surfaced recently of a tiger family playing in China, possibly signaling a comeback for the big cats.

The Seven-Year-Old: “Whoa! That was awesome! I have to get my tigers and show them. We have something to celebrate! Siberian Tigers are making a comeback in China!”

The Seven-Year-Old sharing the good news with her tiger cubs. (Photo: Shala Howell)

The Seven-Year-Old sharing the good news with her tiger cubs. (Photo: Shala Howell)

Ringling Brothers to Retire its Circus Elephants (National Geographic)

Last week, news broke that after 145 years of featuring elephants in its circus acts, Ringling Brothers has decided to retire its 13 remaining elephants by 2018. The retired elephants will be sent to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation in central Florida.  Ringling Brothers says that the move comes in response to growing audience discomfort with the practice of using elephants in their shows. The circus will continue to include tigers, lions, horses, dogs, and camels in their performances.

Illinois: Land of Lincoln, the Windy City, and Now, Bison (TakePart)

While googling around to find ideas for Mommyo Summer Camp this June, the Seven-Year-Old and I came across this story. Apparently, bison have returned to the Nature Conservatory’s Nachusa Grasslands Preserve in Franklin Grove, Illinois after a nearly 200 year absence. Since the preserve is only about 100 miles from Chicago, the Seven-Year-Old and I are busily making plans for a weekend road trip this summer.

A sampling of this week’s books:


National Geographic Kids™ Chapters: Tiger in Trouble! And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Rescues by Kelly Milner Halls

A tiger confiscated from its owner and sent to the Carolina Tiger Rescue preserve suddenly goes blind, and must learn a new way of life with the help of his tiger friend Apache and his new human caretakers.

My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett (Illustrated by Ruth Chrisman Gannett)

In this classic children’s story, Elmer Elevator runs away to rescue a baby dragon. The Seven-Year-Old was super excited to find a copy of it at Half-Price Books last week: “Mommyo! I’ve been looking for this book for two years!”

Judy Moody Girl Detective by Megan McDonald (Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds)

In the ninth installment in the Judy Moody series, Mr. Chips, Judy’s crime-dog-in-training goes missing, and Judy Drewdy — I mean Moody — must track him down.

Justin Case: Rules, Tools, and Maybe a Bully by Rachel Vail (Illustrated by Matthew Cordell)

Now in fourth grade, Justin Case deals with the perils of juggling friends, bullies, tests, and grades.

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