What’s on The Seven-Year-Old’s mind this week?

Our semi-weekly survey of the tidbits that cross the The Seven-Year-Old’s desk.

In the news:

Weasel photographed riding on a woodpecker’s back

(Photo: Martin Le-May)
(Photo: Martin Le-May)

Martin Le-May’s photograph of a weasel riding on a woodpecker’s back flew across my Facebook feed this week, captivating every seven-going-on-eight-year-old in its path.

A sampling of this week’s books:


  • Dragons: Truth, Myth, and Legends by David Passes. “It’s my second time checking this one out, Mommyo.”
  • Furlie Cat by Berniece Freschet. Furlie is afraid of nearly everything. Including showing fear. So he becomes a bully. The plan works until the night he gets stuck in a tree.
  • Stick Dog by Tom Watson. Stick Dog goes on an epic quest for a hamburger. I’m guessing I have Stick Dog to thank for the fact that The Seven-Year-Old finally ate a hamburger without complaining this week.
  • Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog by Tom Watson. Dear Stick Dog, could you go on an epic quest for a pear next week? The Seven-Year-Old is already sold on hot dogs.

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