Dinosaur Pet Guide

Back in the day when we had one arthritic cat and one merely very old cat, the Then Three-Year-Old wanted to know, “How much arthritis would a Giganotosaurus have to have to be a safe pet?” A cursory examination of the various weapons systems (size, teeth, claws) makes me inclined to answer a lot. Far too much to be compatible with life, in fact.

Last week, one of our favorite Norwood correspondents alerted me to this Dinosaur Pet Guide by John Conway (via I Love Charts). Although the Giganotosaurus doesn’t appear on it, I think it’s safe to assume the experience of owning a T. Rex would be pretty similar.

Dinosaur Pet Guide by John Conway (Via I Love Charts)

Dinosaur Pet Guide by John Conway (Via I Love Charts)


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One Response to Dinosaur Pet Guide

  1. Victoria says:


    In this section the dinosaur expert actually gets asked if there are any dinosaurs that would make good pets. His answer is a little lame, along the lines of “I’m sure there are some smaller herbivores that might.” It made me think of this, though.


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