When we lived in Miller Beach, a block and a half from the beach, back in 1999 – 2000, I remember hearing the wind howling off the lake. When we walked, or more than likely rode over there, the waves were literally frozen in place for several hundred yards out into the water. We could see Chicagee off across the bay.

I’ve been to that lighthouse in Michigan City, though when I went, it was summer and I just caught a glimpse of it from whatever road I was on.

Just before I got laid off at the wet corn mill, we lost a transformer in the middle of the night. It was 20 below and the plant froze like a popsicle. We went on 12 hour shifts trying to defrost the steam pipes and product lines. It was 17 days of hell and I was stuck on night shift. One time we had this huge 50,000 gallon tank that someone steamed out and forgot to release the vacuum valve. It froze shut and the whole tank started crumpling like a crushed beer can. Just imagine a three story tank, ten feet across crumpling like an aluminum beer can. That was some cold!

I’m so happy I live in Las Vegas!