The Six-Year-Old plays checkers

Although she’s only ever played checkers while waiting for a table at Cracker Barrel, my daughter is a master checker player.

(Typing that it occurs to me that perhaps we spend too much time at Cracker Barrel. Hmm. Well, something to contemplate later. Right now I have a post to do.)

During the recent polar vortex, The Six-Year-Old decided that she was no longer content with only being able to play checkers outside Cracker Barrel. She wanted to play it while huddled around our radiator at home.

Sadly, while we have a board, it had been separated from its checkers pieces during an unfortunate moving incident. So we improvised.

The Six-Year-Old, triumphantly: “This checkers with buttons is fun. But checkers with cookies would be even better.”

Eureka! I’ll know it’s time to stop going to Cracker Barrel when they replace their regular checkers pieces with chocolate chunk and chewy chocolate meringue cookies.

The Six-Year-Old, aghast: “Are you crazy?”

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