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A recipe for preserving children and other news of our week

Happy day after the 4th, everyone.

Our bikes haven’t made it yet to our new home, so our traditional July 4th plan (decorating The Six-Year-Old’s bike and marching in the children’s parade) wasn’t an option yesterday.

Our bikes, a subset of our essential books, our clothes, my cookbooks, piano books, and The Six-Year-Old’s art supplies, desk, and toys didn’t quite fit in our car, so had to be shipped separately. Due to a shipping snafu (I’m shaking my angry fist at you, Ubox), they aren’t going to arrive for at least another week.

But we did get a chance to watch some fireworks over Lake Michigan last night, which was pretty awesome all on its own. Daddyo took lots of pictures of the event, but you’ll have to wait to see them, as I’m pretty sure the camera cables I need for the non-iPhone pictures are locked away in that elusive Ubox too.

In the meantime, from my friend Stacy & the Oak Meadow Facebook page comes this recipe for preserving children:

RecipeforKidsAs you know, I love to test those old-timey recipes. It’s a beautiful July day here in Chicagoland, so I think I’ll swap out the dogs for some good friends who live here in town, and the grassy field and flowers for a sandy beach dotted with shells, pebbles, and bits of driftwood, and give the whole thing a good stir. See if this old-timey recipe for preserving children works on a slightly older set as well.

Now, where did I put my hat?

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