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Wordless Wednesday: The Six-Year-Old Issues an All-Points Alert

Recently I discovered Wordless Wednesdays through the blog, 5 Minutes for Mom. Basically, on Wednesdays all around the Internet, bloggers post their favorite photos, ideally without any words to accompany them, but often with 1-2 sentences of context. I’m not a photo-blogger. I’m more of a word girl, so I thought Wordless Wednesday would be fun.


The Wanted Poster. The writing reads “1 Lion 8 ehienas [hyenas]: Wontid [wanted]”. I just adore this phonetic spelling phase. (Picture: The Six-Year-Old)

This week, The (now) Six-Year-Old’s mind has been taken over by the music to the Lion King. Not the movie, mind you. The movie is WAY too scary to watch. But she adores the music and has been playing it on nearly constant rotation while she goes about the other parts of her very busy life. As this Wordless Wednesday pick illustrates, the Lion King is even starting to infiltrate, I mean, influence her art.

I don’t mind. It makes a change from Elvis.

Some of my favorite photos from last week’s Wordless Wednesday event:

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7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Six-Year-Old Issues an All-Points Alert”

  1. prasti

    that’s a nice looking lion. i also enjoy the phonetic spelling phase. my daughter is also 6 and it’s fun to see how she spells out particular words. i like that even the “big” words don’t intimidate her…she just tries it out anyway.



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