If The Five-Year-Old ran the Superbowl…

WordlessWedSBBiggerThe Five-Year-Old, changing into pajamas after staying up very late to watch the first half of the Superbowl last Sunday: “Mommyo, the Kitty Superbowl was today.”

Mommyo: “Oh? Who played?”

The Five-Year-Old: “The Patriots vs. the Autobots.”

Mommyo, curiously: “That’s quite a match-up. Who won?”

The Five-Year-Old, matter-of-factly: ‘The Autobots.”

Mommyo, sadly: “Oh, the poor Pats. They just can’t catch a break this year.”

The Five-Year-Old, reassuringly: “Oh, they won too. And the Chicago Bears. And the Auburn Tigers.”

Mommyo, perplexedly: “Huh. So how does the Kitty Superbowl work, exactly?”

The Five-Year-Old, didactically: “There are four teams playing. The same four teams every year. The game only lasts an hour, then it’s done or not time. Every year they play totally different, and every year they all tie.”

Mommyo, appreciatively: “I wish every football game had done or not time after an hour. Then I’d watch them all!”

The Five-Year-Old, enthusiastically: “Me too!”

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About Shala Howell

I spent two decades helping companies like Bell Labs, Juniper Networks, and a genetic testing company that was later acquired by CVS translate some of the world’s most complicated concepts into actionable, understandable English. Now I'm working on a much harder problem -- fostering children’s curiosity and engagement in the scientific, artistic, and linguistic world that surrounds them. The first book in my Caterpickles Parenting Series, What’s That, Mom?, focuses on how to use public art to nurture children’s curiosity in the world around them. My next book will focus on science, and how parents without a science degree can answer their curious child's questions without enrolling in a college level refresher course. In the meantime, you can find me blogging about life with a very curious Eleven-Year-Old at Caterpickles.com, chatting about books and the writing life at BostonWriters.blog, and tweeting about books, writing, science, & things that make me smile at @shalahowell.
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6 Responses to If The Five-Year-Old ran the Superbowl…

  1. susan says:

    my daughter also thought that there was a kitty superbowl. But she thought the cats were playing the dogs.


  2. TaMara says:

    How cute! I think your little one might be on to something with that one hour done or not time.

    Thanks for linking up over at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.


    • Shala Howell says:

      I know. I suspect the key to achieving it is to cut out all the commercials. While that would vastly improve my experience of the average football game, it would trim some enjoyment from the Super Bowl experience.


  3. I think I would like a cat or dog Super Bowl better than a football game!


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