“Did the ancient Egyptians have anything to brush their teeth with?”

Scene: The Five-Year-Old sails through the dining room on her scooter and stops abruptly at the sight of Mommyo slumped over her computer.

The Five-Year-Old, curiously: “What’s wrong, Mommyo?”

Mommyo, disconsolately: “I’m having trouble getting back to writing after so many wonderful days on vacation.”

The Five-Year-Old, encouragingly: “It’s ok, Mommyo. Why don’t you just ask Caterpickles to do it for you?”

Mommyo, desperately: “Hey, little multi-colored Caterpickle with the funny-looking glasses, say something funny.”


Mommyo: “I don’t know. What?”


Mommyo, sadly: “Maybe we should just go back to answering The Five-Year-Old’s questions.”

Ancient Egyptians

Mommyo, resignedly: “Yeah. Just like that.”


Mommyo, furtively checking her iPhone: “Well, what do you know? According to Wikipedia, the ancient Egyptians, like the Greeks, Romans, and Indians used twigs and leaves to brush their teeth.”

The Five-Year-Old, enthusiastically: “That worked great, Caterpickles! Can you answer all my questions about old-timey Egypt? Mommyo doesn’t know anything about it.”

(Note: I found the stick joke on Owen’s World. There are lots more there, if you are looking for some silly jokes to share with your kids.)

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