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In which The Five-Year-Old solves another of life’s mysteries

Of course.

The Five-Year Old: “Mommyo, what’s a riddle?”

Mommyo: “They are questions you have to figure out the answer to. Like ‘why did the chicken cross the road?'”

The Five-Year-Old: “Because he needed to get to his eggs!”

3 Responses to “In which The Five-Year-Old solves another of life’s mysteries”

    • Shala Howell

      Thanks for stopping by Caterpickles! The Five-Year-Old and I read your book of fairy tales last year (I enjoyed it, but the then Four-Year-Old wasn’t ready for it). You can find our review here:

      The Four-Year-Old was still very leery of even basic conflict at the time I read it to her, and the thought of stepmothers turning children into swans and children being lost & otherwise hurt while in the woods was just too scary. Her ability to distinguish between really scary things and scary for the sake of the plot things has gotten much stronger this year, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to read your book again with happier results again soon.


      • pirottablog

        ooh, thanks for the review. Grimm are really tricky to read to very young kids, even on-the-ball ones like yours. The good thing is she can come back to them when she’s older.


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