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The Five-Year-Old Reviews Books: Space Patrol

Space Patrol (Choose Your Own Adventure #22)
By Julius Goodman
Bantam, 1983

What The Five-Year-Old thought: “It’s many different books but they are all put together and you flip to pages because the book says so. You make decisions and the book makes decisions about the pages you go to. I loved it! I loved the different story, different story, different story, different story, all the time it was a different story. It’s fun to have different stories every time.”

What Mommyo thought: “I loved these as a kid. And they are just as much fun as I remember now that it’s 30 years later and I’m reading them with The Five-Year-Old. So much fun to let her make her own decisions and reap the consequences of bad (or merely indifferent) choices. As a parent, I also appreciate the immediate feedback for the concept that all decisions have consequences. And that not all of those consequences are good or bad. Some of them simply completely change how your day plays out. The seemingly infinite contortions of the storyline based on The Five-Year-Old’s decisions means that even though we’ve been through the book 8 or 9 times, we don’t feel done with it yet. Great for road trips.”

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