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The Five-Year-Old Reviews Books: Dragons, Knights, and Brains, Oh My!

This summer The Five-Year-Old with characteristic enthusiasm has enrolled in not one, but two reading programs: our local library’s Dream Big, Read! reading program and the Imagination’s Destination Summer Reading program at Barnes & Noble. The library’s program asks The Five-Year-Old to review the books she reads. Here are a few of her favorites.

The Dragons Are Singing Tonight
By Jack Prelusky
Illustrated by Peter Sis
Harper Collins Publishers, 1998

What The Five-Year-Old Thought:
“I liked the dragons singing and the robotic dragon. I love Boom! The reason I made you read Boom twice because it was the best. I liked the pictures and the stinky dragon is funny. This book is the best!”

The Knight At Dawn (Magic Tree House Series #2)
By Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca
Random House Children’s Books, 1993

What The Five-Year-Old Thought:
“I liked that the knight let Jack and Annie ride his horse.”

The Great Brain
By John D. Fitzgerald
Illustrated by Mercer Mayer
Penguin Group, 2004

What The Five-Year-Old Thought:
“I can’t explain why I liked it except that JD is telling the story. Tom is the one with the Great Brain and he rescued a few guys. But I recommend that you read this book for yourself and see all the things I enjoyed about it.”

Mommyo’s addendum: Should your child decide to take The Five-Year-Old’s advice, I strongly recommend that you either read this book along with them or read it before handing it to them so that you’re prepared to handle some of the tough issues it raises.

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