Through the Lens of The Five-Year-Old: The Bunny at the Dolan Center

The Five-Year-Old at work (Photo: Shala Howell)

The eleventh entry in The Five-Year-Old’s ongoing Photo Documentary series about the Dedham Public Art Project.

This week on Through the Lens, The Five-Year-Old visits Jester by Liza Abelson. Local readers can find Jester at the Dolan Center at 269 Common Street.

In April of this year, after 20 years of juggling both a day-time job and art, Liza Abelson decided to pursue her art full-time. She opened a studio south of Boston called Dasken Designs, where she spends her time painting, making stained glass, and creating jewelry.

Like many freelance artists, she’s spent her summer making the rounds of the New England arts and crafts shows. Local readers can find her at Festival Fete in East Greenwich, RI on September 1 and 2; the Codman Estate Fine Art Festival in Lincoln, MA on September 8; and the PolyArts Festival in Hopkinton, MA on September 15. (Find Abelson’s complete show schedule here.)

Ms. Abelson, The Five-Year-Old and I are rooting for you.

And with that, The Five-Year-Old presents Jester by Liza Abelson.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the other side.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

From the back.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

Your close-up.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

And finally, “The Bunny Eye-View.”

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

The Five-Year-Old: “Mommyo, you forgot to include the close-up of the ammonite.”

Oh sorry.

(Photo: The Five-Year-Old)

The Five-Year-Old: “Perfect!”

Be sure to tune in next week, when The Five-Year-Old visits Regal Rabbit by Catherine Gruetzke-Blais.

Jester (c) 2012 Liza Abelson

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