Review: The Dairy Twist in Pembroke MA

The Dairy Twist
580 Washington St, Pembroke, MA
Open daily noon-9p, April-Halloween

Summer’s nearly here, and you know what that means. For the next few months, we’ll  spend nearly as much time driving around Massachusetts in search of great ice cream as we do hunting down Mexican food.*

Fortunately, great ice cream is much easier to find around these parts. Must be all the dairy farms.

Last week’s ice cream hunt brought us to the Dairy Twist in Pembroke, Massachusetts, (about 15 minutes northeast of Kingston). It’s an open-air ice cream shop, where you buy your ice cream at the storefront, then go somewhere else to eat it. “Somewhere else” in the Dairy Twist’s case is a nice little area around the side of the ice cream shop lined with benches and large wooden cows.

We all tried different flavors and configurations — Daddyo had the Caramel Salted Pretzel (a vanilla base ice cream concoction involving pretzels and a caramel swirl) in a cup, The Five-Year-Old strawberry in a cone, and me the more traditional Fudge Swirl (vanilla ice cream with, you guessed it, a fudge swirl).

Daddyo had nothing but praise for his. The Five-Year-Old was extremely enthusiastic about hers too, right up until the moment that gravity toppled it. Fortunately, she’s an old hand at coping with this sort of tragedy, so simply moved over to Daddyo and took over his spoon shared his.

Mine was also excellent, with only the slightest hint of ice in it. (I’m one of those really picky ice cream eaters who prefer ice cream to come with an unbroken smoothness that completely obscures its icy heritage. It’s one of the reasons I don’t make ice cream at home. I could never live up to my own standards.)

Prices at the Dairy Twist are right in line with other ice cream stores of its type we’ve tried. A kiddie cone will cost you $2.50, a small $3.65, and a large (which comes with a truly ridiculous amount of ice cream) $4.25. And while the lines were steady the entire time we were there, service at the window was friendly and efficient, so it looked like no one had to wait too long.

So, was it worth the drive? Absolutely. Stopping at the Dairy Twist on our way home from the Cape is clearly going to become an official Caterpickles tradition.

Prices (cash only):

  • Hard Ice Cream Cone – kiddie $2.90, small $3.65, large $4.25
  • Soft Serve Cone – kiddie $2.50, small $3.05, large $4.10
  • Sundae – small $4.50, large $5.45
  • Malted Milk Shake $4.95
  • Regular Milk Shakes $4.45

*Bonus Mexican food recommendation: If you haven’t tried Tu Y Yo in Needham, Massachusetts yet, you’re missing out on some exceptional slow-cooked goodness.

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