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Placebo Bandaids and other news of the week

My big plan for the weekend — extract book from cat.

A few short hits today, cuz it’s Friday and I want to get to my long weekend STAT.

This week’s Friday news cocktail includes…

A dollop of truth

From @JasonMGood: Needed: Placebo Bandaids. Johnson & Johnson, listen up. Mr. Good isn’t the only parent in America who would buy up placebo band-aids by the bucket-load.

A jigger of space dust

From NASA Astronaut Don Pettit, a video of the April Lyrid meteor shower as seen from the International Space Station.

A pinch of plastic

LA bans single-use plastic bags. (It’s only a matter of time until Boston does the same, and then what will I use to clean out the cat’s litter box?)

One of the world’s largest animals 

And a snifter of cute

From @EmergencyPuppy (for those moments when you need an urgent dose of something cute) comes the tiniest puppy in the tiniest chair. Click through at your own risk.

Happy long weekend, y’all.

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