Tales from Spring Break Round Three, Part Two

Got all that?

Taking a break from the pirate game during a recent field trip to a local playground.

On discovering the foam sword display at iParty, The Five-Year-Old, nonchalantly: “We have these at my preschool.”

Daddyo: “You have foam swords at preschool?”

The Five-Year-Old, informatively: “Yeah, we play pirates with them.”

Daddyo: “Huh.”

The Five-Year-Old: “Yeah. I’m on the good pirates’ team.”

Daddyo, incredulously: “You have teams at preschool where you pretend to be pirates and fight each other with swords?”

The Five-Year-Old: “Yeah. Or French fries.”


  1. Or french fries, or carrot sticks, or shovels with buckets on our heads as helmets, or…. haha that is funny! We don’t allow sword play or fight a ps but it happens anyways. 🙂


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