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Tales from Spring Break Round Three, Part Two

Got all that?

Taking a break from the pirate game during a recent field trip to a local playground.

On discovering the foam sword display at iParty, The Five-Year-Old, nonchalantly: “We have these at my preschool.”

Daddyo: “You have foam swords at preschool?”

The Five-Year-Old, informatively: “Yeah, we play pirates with them.”

Daddyo: “Huh.”

The Five-Year-Old: “Yeah. I’m on the good pirates’ team.”

Daddyo, incredulously: “You have teams at preschool where you pretend to be pirates and fight each other with swords?”

The Five-Year-Old: “Yeah. Or French fries.”

4 Responses to “Tales from Spring Break Round Three, Part Two”

  1. jkstamy08

    Or french fries, or carrot sticks, or shovels with buckets on our heads as helmets, or…. haha that is funny! We don’t allow sword play or fight a ps but it happens anyways. 🙂


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