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Spring Break Round Three and Other News of the Week

When The Five-Year-Old was two, we celebrated Earth Day by going to the Arnold Arboretum and turning leaves, rocks, and twigs into random works of art, which we left scattered around the park. This one is supposed to be the Lorax.

Posting will be intermittent next week. I’ll be around, but then again so will The Five-Year-Old, and as she is ever so much more interesting than my computer, I’ll be spending my time with her.

I’ll post as often as I can, but don’t be surprised if I miss a day or two. You know I’ll make it up to you. 🙂

In the meantime, here are a few articles that caught my eye last week:

Finally, this week’s free sampler from Dover Publishing includes lots of activities designed to help you and your Caterpickle get ready for Earth Day this month (or simply fill pockets of unexpected down time this Spring Break). Fact-filled coloring pages and mazes are available from the following titles:

  • Amazing Carbon Footprint Facts
  • Exploring Ecosystems
  • Eco-Mania Mazes
  • Green Power: Earth-Friendly Energy Through the Ages

There are also samples from their Leonardo da Vinci stained glass coloring book, a book on spotting differences in art, lots of nature-themed mazes and games, and text excerpts from books in the Dover children’s collection.

Happy exploring!

4 Responses to “Spring Break Round Three and Other News of the Week”

  1. Lara Jo

    OUCH. That “Your Children Want You” post leaves a bruise, doesn’t it? I probably shouldn’t have my computer in the same room as the babies’ play room — makes it too easy to jump on “just for a second.” Thanks for posting — I need reminding some times.


    • Shala Howell

      And then there are the mornings when the talking synapse just isn’t online yet and you need the peace and quiet that being tied to the computer provides. Motherhood is so full of guilt I hate to add to anyone else’s. Clearly I’m not doing a very good job of putting my computer away this week, but I didn’t want to miss the UBP party. Still I’m trying to keep it to after she’s in bed or while she’s having her usual solitary playtime in the morning. (That sounds sad, but I think the ability to entertain herself is an important skill she’s going to need later, so I encourage her to have playtime by herself every day. The fact that I take a while to boot up in the morning so am generally no fun pre-shower helps.)


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