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Leprechaun money

It’s School Vacation Week again (well really more of a School Vacation Long Weekend), which in our family means a visit to a painting room of some sort. This time around The Five-Year-Old chose Plaster Fun Time, “Because I need a leprechaun pot right away.”

The Five-Year-Old's Leprechaun Pot, complete with a glittery inside and starter pack of leprechaun money to encourage new giving.

(The pottery painting places make you wait a few days for your items to go through the kiln.)

Mommyo: “What do you need a leprechaun pot for?”

The Five-Year-Old: “To collect leprechaun money.”

Mommyo: “Where are you going to get leprechaun money?”

The Five-Year-Old: “From the leprechauns. Don’t you know St. Patrick’s Day is coming?”

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