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How to Catch a Polar Region Allosaurus

By The 4-Year-Old

  1. Dress in something flashy for camouflage. Red shirts are best. They will distract the Allosaurus into thinking you’re dead.
  2. Set dinosaur baits in various places in the Allosaurus’s known stomping grounds (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Place baits in various spots in your prey’s known territory.

  3. Wait for a polar region meat-eating dinosaur to eat your bait. Stealing your mother’s iPhone helps with the tedium of the ambush hunting method.
  4. If the bait isn’t attractive enough, you may try herding the Allosaurus toward the bait. Disguise yourself as a T. Rex by slashing at the air with two fingers on each hand as you stalk your prey. Don’t forget to growl.
  5. Make sure the Allosaurus eats the bait. When he gets full, he falls asleep so he’s an easy target.
  6. You catch the Allosaurus the same way you catch a T. Rex. Grab the tail and then have an adult grab the body.
  7. Say in your softest voice, “Go to sleep now, here you go. Have some more bait.”
  8. Collect all the dinosaur baits and put them out again in one spot (the hunter’s lair is best for this). Line up the baits (the spiky parts go in the back) so that the Allosaurus can eat them very fast and get even sleepier. With any luck, he’ll take a nap right in your hunter’s lair. (See Figure 2.)

Figure 2. Line up the baits, spiky bits in back, just outside the hunter’s lair. (Note, this will mean putting any Ankylosaurs upside-down.)

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