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In which we discover signs of life in Unsuitable Places

Artist's rendering of a Mars Exploration Rover.

Artist’s image of a Mars Exploration Rover. (Image via Wikipedia)

In early September, NASA announced that the aging and arthritic Mars Rover Opportunity has uncovered evidence that life may have existed at one time on Mars. Specifically, the Rover turned up a rock full of zinc and bromide, elements that on Earth at least, form in the presence of water, especially warm water. Here on Earth, warm water systems teem with life.

On hearing this, my daughter said, “Mommyo, my Mars Rover friend found TWO signs of life in our basement.”

We at Caterpickles Central fervently hope that her Mars Rover friend has simply discovered evidence that the two feline-based life forms that already reside in the Howell household simply visit the basement from time to time, and not evidence of a new fungus-based life form, which would not be in anyone’s best interest.

We are sending our own unmanned robotic exploratory vehicle to investigate even as this goes to press. Here’s hoping this isn’t the start of some B-rated horror movie.

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