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In which my daughter reveals herself to be a very picky eater

A poster of flies (Diptera)

Not on the menu. (Image Credit: Joaquim Alves Gaspar)

Preschooler, after wolfing down a graham cracker and a peach: Mommyo, I want something else to eat.

Me: OK. What do you want?

Preschooler: Oh, anything. Except flies.

Me: Um, OK. No flies.

Preschooler: Or any kind of bug. I don’t want any bugs.

4 Responses to “In which my daughter reveals herself to be a very picky eater”

    • shalahowell

      As I bat my way through the swarm of fruit flies in my kitchen this morning (I went off for vacation recently and foolishly left my stock of sweet potatoes out on the counter), I find myself wondering the same thing. It would save me a trip to the grocery store, and might help beat back this infestation. A win-win all around, as long as you’re not one of the flies. Sadly, my cats are turning up their noses at my Fruit Fly Casserole as well, so it’s off to the store for me.

      In related news, any tips on a fruit fly trap that works?


    • Shala Howell

      Thanks for stopping by. And for the fruit trap advice. I’m about to need that again. I enjoyed the entry about your grandson. I hope you two get lots of time to explore butterfly gardens and random animal signage together.



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