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In which my daughter hoists me on my own blog

A noontime scene from the Philippines on a day...

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Mother, quizzing her daughter on a new vocabulary word:

“What does tropical mean, anyway?”

Preschooler, unconcerned:

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s a good question for Caterpickles.”

3 Responses to “In which my daughter hoists me on my own blog”

  1. Movie Review: The Lost World (1925) | CATERPICKLES

    […] It was also really interesting to see which dinosaurs they knew about in the 1920s, and what they thought of them. A swimming Brontosaurus (now called an Apatosaurus) features prominently in the movie. This reminded me immediately of the debunked theory that to support their weight the larger sauropods would have lived in water. My husband pointed out however, that for much of the movie, the Brontosaurus is shown on land. He just swims in the Thames at the end as he hightails it out of London. Which raised the question: could sauropods swim? To which my daughter naturally replied, “Mommyo, why don’t you ask Caterpickles?“ […]



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