In which we visit the Boston Public Garden

Another in our ongoing series, What We Did This Summer.

Image Credit: Michael Howell

(Yeah, I know this is clearly What We Did this Spring, but our family considers our annual spring picnic in the Boston Public Garden to be the kick-off event of the summer.)

Bridge overlooking the lagoon (oh, and our picnic basket) (Image Credit: Michael Howell)
The Main Attraction (Image Credit: Michael Howell)
Blossoms. (Image Credit: Michael Howell)
More and yet fewer blossoms. (Sometimes I really love words.) (Image Credit: Michael Howell)
Duck Island. When the park was created in 1862, Duck Island was actually a peninsula, but too many couples got into too much trouble out there, so the city forester at the time, John Galvin, cut off its connection with the land, turning it into a nesting ground for ducks. (Image Credit: Michael Howell)
Look! A bride! In all seriousness, it was very kind of this couple to pose for a woman we are pretty sure was a stranger to them, as we later saw this same bride with her actual bridal party (complete with a professional photographer who had an entourage to rival that of the bride). (Image Credit: Michael Howell)
Clearly, we were not part of the wedding party. (Image Credit: Michael Howell)



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