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Music Review – Snacktime!


Barenaked Ladies
Desperation Records, 2008
Age Range: All Ages

Music consistently smooths the rough 3 o’clock patch in our four-year-old’s afternoon. Fresh home from preschool, often completely tired out but too stubborn to admit it and just take a nap, my daughter invariably wants to park herself on the couch and allow the television to entertain her until it’s time for dinner.

But put on the preschooler-friendly CD and she miraculously regains the ability to draw, to color, to conduct one of her kitten classes, or help her dinosaurs put off extinction for another day. But while Raffi has his moments, I can’t bring myself to listen to him every afternoon, all afternoon. Which is where the Barenaked Ladies come in.

You mean, aside from the name of the group? Of course, my daughter’s reaction to that was not nearly as bad as I feared it would be. “But Mommyo, they are all boys! That’s silly!”

As for the songs themselves…

“The ninjas are deadly and silent.” If you’re not into ninjas, or if you don’t want to explain what they are, you may not appreciate Track 2: “The Ninjas.”

There’s also a reference to evolution on Track 4: “Raisins” that could be problematic, either because you don’t feel like explaining evolution to your child yet, or because “People come from apes” is such an oversimplification that you don’t really know where to begin. If it’s the latter, this might help.

It’s not the album she asks for first, but she never asks me to switch it to something else either.

We’ve had this album for almost two years now, and I still find myself listening to it when my daughter’s not around. And my husband and I have both plucked Track 24: “Here Come the Geese” and Track 19: “Things” to use on various personal mixes.

Maybe it’s because we’ve had this album in the rotation for two years and we’re just very used to it. But while singing often breaks out, along with some vigorous clapping and laughing on the “Popcorn” song, dancing almost never happens. But it’s really good fun anyway, and an excellent choice for car music because pretty much everyone will have a good time listening to it.

And now it’s your turn. What are you listening to this week?

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