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“How do you make apple cider vinegar?”

One fine summer day, The Four-Year-Old was appalled to find her self-serve jar of pickles contained only pickling juice and a few floaty pickling bits. “Mommyo, can you make me more pickles.” No, I told her. We’re out of apple cider vinegar. “Well, can you make some?” Maybe? How do you make apple cider vinegar anyway?

“Why are carrots orange?”

Lately, The Eight-Year-Old and I have been seeing purple carrots pop up all over Chicago. Seeing the white, purple, and orange carrot medley on my plate at a recent dinner, reminded my daughter of an old question. “Why are carrots orange?” Turns out there’s more than one answer to that.

Bacon vs. prosciutto

Mommyo, passing the plate of appetizers around the table: “The Seven-Year-Old, would you like some prosciutto? It’s like bacon, but doesn’t need to be cooked.” Daddyo,…

What do you serve to a party of dragons?

It’s March, which means that any day now, The Six-Year-Old will morph into The Seven-Year-Old. The Six-Year-Old is slightly obsessed with dragons (and their Viking trainers) at the moment, thanks to Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon books, so we are planning a dragon (and Viking)-theme birthday party for her.  Naturally, the topic of what kind of birthday cake we should serve came up.