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My view today

Our third snowstorm in three weeks didn’t drop quite enough snow to make snow cream, but I’ll happily settle for lacy trees and a day off…

And the winner is…

Recently someone stole some of my blog posts and tried to pass them off as their own. Loyal reader and good friend, David Bowles, helped me fend off the unscrupulous masses.For actions above and beyond what I had any right to expect, I’m pleased to offer David the 2011 Caterpickles Defender of the Realm award. David, I’m glad you’re in my corner. Thank you.

In which I become an Award-Winning Blogger

Last week, I got a piece of very exciting news from a wonderful writer, K.L. Branson over at Kate’s Bookshelf. I read Kate’s blog whenever I’m in need of some inspiration, a good book to read, an occasional dose of poetry, or a quick dose of flash fiction. This week I was honored to discover that Kate likes my blog too, enough to give me the 7×7 Link Award.