Fostering curiosity in kids (and their parents) since 2011

My (@shalahowell) tweet from August 21: "There's a squirrel in my backyard frantically digging a hole to stash an emergency horde of nuts and all I can think is "Same Dude Same"

What a difference air quality makes

The wildfires in Northern California have sent a ton of smoke our way this week. While talking to my uncle this week, I found myself unable to explain adequately how weird the light has been as a result. Fortunately, my habit of taking multiple pictures of every flower I manage to grow means that I have a couple of photos that capture it.

What are we going to do about school?

There are as many opinions on when and how to reopen schools as there are people in the discussion. How can parents parse all of this competing information to figure out the least imperfect option for their families when it comes to sending their kids to school this fall?