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Funny Things My Mom Says, As Recorded by The 13-Year-Old

Some of us enjoyed Christmas at home more than others. (Photo: Shala Howell)

Longtime readers of Caterpickles will remember that in the very early days of the blog, I used to devote Saturday mornings to funny things my daughter said.

Case in point:

Text of the image reads: 
The Seven Year Old stands up for monster
By Shala Howell, October 25, 2014
The Seven-Year-Old, spiritedly: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I don't get that. Why do they always slay things that don't need slaying? Like dragons. Dragons are just misunderstood. And I don't think that stake through the heart is nice. At all."
Post from October 25, 2014 documenting one of the very many funny things my daughter said that year.

As she got older, she asked that I stop doing that, so I did. 

However, I am pleased to report that given the heaviness of our current news environment, The Thirteen-Year-Old has given me permission to post a special illustrated edition of “Funny Things My Mom Says As Recorded by The Thirteen-Year-Old.” 

Context: Lately, in an attempt to channel Canelo’s still fairly boundless energy in a more positive and less bite-y direction, I’ve been playing with him in the evenings. Naturally I talk to him while I’m doing this. The Thirteen-Year-Old, apparently, finds this absolutely hilarious, and has been keeping a list of “Funny Things My Mom Says.” I stumbled across it while cleaning the hall bookcase earlier this week.

Here are a few of my daughter’s favorites from the list.

1: “Dude, you’re a waterbed for a mouse.”

Canelo lying on his side just looking at the mouse toy lying on his belly. There isn't enough an ounce of pouncy-ness. Or interest.
(Photo: Shala Howell)

2: “This is not how you play cat and mouse. This is how you play horse.”

Canelo walking calmly across the carpet, ignoring the mouse toy on his back.
(Photo: Shala Howell)

3: “Hey! That’s my yarn bucket!” 

Cat sitting in a woven willow basket. The basket is empty, for the moment.
Photo: Shala Howell

For the record, I’ve been trying in vain to keep Canelo out of my yarn since he was a kitten. It’s one of the reasons I always wash my blankets before I give them away.

Kitten with giant eyes lashing out at the photographer from the safety of a basket full of yarn.
Photo: Shala Howell

I am never going to train this cat out of his love of knitting in all of its stages. Which is no doubt why Michael gave me a fabric duffel bag with a zip top for me to use to corral the yarn for my various projects instead.

Take care of yourself today.

More Funny Things My Daughter Says:

2 Responses to “Funny Things My Mom Says, As Recorded by The 13-Year-Old”

  1. Roy Kerstiens

    Hummmm- just goes to show that sometimes the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

    Sent from my iPad




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