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Introducing the Caterpickles Bookstore and a word about affiliate links on Caterpickles

header for the Caterpickles bookshop

You can find the Caterpickles Bookshop ( in the main menu above. That $7.4 million raised in the image refers to the total raised by, and not the amount raised through the Caterpickles shop. Still, goals, am I right? (Image: Shala Howell)

Like most bloggers who have been around a while, I am routinely contacted by people advising me to monetize my blog in some way — either by paying me to write a promotional post about their product, allowing them to purchase ad space on Caterpickles, or by telling me about the amazing amounts of money to be made from joining various affiliate programs.

To date, I have ignored them all. I even pay extra so that my readers don’t have to endure the sometimes randomly placed automated ads that WordPress drops into blogs that use its hosting service. Until now, my posts have always featured plain old links to the book description or product listing on Goodreads and/or Amazon.

However, as this pandemic rages on, it’s come to my attention that while Amazon will be fine, independent bookstores are suffering. (“Indie bookstores are fighting to survive the pandemic. A new movement may have the answerTime Magazine)

Starting in October 2020 and continuing at least for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, my book review posts may contain affiliate links pointing to, an online bookstore that provides financial support to independent bookstores nationwide. also enables me to add a little online bookstore to my blog. I curate the collection in the Caterpickles Bookstore, but fulfills all of the orders.

Why did I choose to become a affiliate?’s goal is to give away 75% of their profit margin to stores, publications, authors, and others who depend on a thriving independent bookstore industry.

To that end, directs a portion of every sale either to a specific bookstore selected by the customer or to a general fund that is split equally among independent bookstores nationwide. If you arrive at through one of the affiliate links on Caterpickles or make a purchase in the Caterpickles Bookstore, I’ll earn a small commission on your purchase as well. It’s a nice balance between supporting a cause I believe in and generating the funds I need to keep this site going.

At the time this post was published (October 2020), has already raised $7.4m for local bookstores.

I’ve ordered books from several times over the past few months, and have been extremely happy with their service, so feel comfortable recommending them to you.

If you would like your purchase to support a specific bookstore, find that store on’s map and your favorite independent bookstore will receive the full profit from your order. Every time you make a purchase, you can choose a different independent bookstore to receive the profits. If you don’t choose a store, the proceeds from your purchase will go into a general fund that will be split equally among independent bookstores nationwide, regardless of whether those stores use themselves.

What you’ll find in the Caterpickles Bookstore

header for the Caterpickles bookshop
You can access the Caterpickles Bookshop through the site’s main menu above. That $7.4 million in the image refers to the total raised by, and not the amount raised through the Caterpickles Bookstore. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have goals, am I right? (Image: Shala Howell)

The new Caterpickles Bookstore stocks my own What’s That, Mom? book, my husband’s book on Understanding Healthcare Delivery Science, and a curated collection of middle grade books that the students at the library where I work enjoy the most. As with the affiliate links, a portion of each purchase made though the Caterpickles Bookstore will help support Caterpickles and raise money for local independent bookstores. Plus, you’ll get a great book. Now that’s a win-win-win!

Take a peek at the store so far. I’d love to get your feedback, whether you have recommendations for other books I should stock in the store, or ideas for curated lists that would be useful for you as you shop for books for yourself or others this year.

NOTE: Sales made in the Caterpickles Bookstore are billed and fulfilled by If you need help with your order for any reason, please contact here.

Thank you!

Regardless of whether you use my affiliate links or the Caterpickles Bookstore to purchase new books, I’m always glad you chose to spend part of your day reading Caterpickles.

Thank you.

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