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Wordless Wednesday: Middle school metaphors

Close-up of the small slice of butter my daughter left by the toaster this morning.

My daughter left me this butter sculpture by the toaster this morning. The more I contemplated it the more I realized that it was the perfect metaphor for middle school.

Seen from the right angle, it looks just like a person stretching both hands to the sky and yelling, “FREEDOM!” Awesome, right?

Seen from another, it just seems… well, ooky.

It’s the perfect middle school metaphor: Awesome and ooky.

A slice of butter stands on a wooden table. The way the slice is curled makes it look like a robed person is shaking their fists in protest of the oppressive forces exerted by the massive silver toaster in the background.
My daughter’s butter sculpture in situ. One day, she’ll start noticing she did stuff like this and clean her messes up right away. What will I do for middle school metaphors then? (Photo: Shala Howell, Butter Sculpture: The Twelve-Year-Old Howell)

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