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Wait? What happened to my Caterpickles?

You may have noticed that Caterpickles looks a little different today.

After seven years of using the same WordPress theme, I decided it was time to try something new. My goals for the new design are to:

  • Highlight the variety of content on Caterpickles and make it easier for readers to find the type of post they are looking for
  • Clean up the side bar
  • Migrate to a theme that makes it easier to use the post-2011 SEO features that rule online life now.

How to navigate the new Caterpickles format

Snapshot of the new Caterpickles home page, along with instructions for navigating the various sections. To:

  • See the entire collection of Caterpickles posts or return to the home page, click Blog.
  • Read an individual post, click on the image or title of that post.
  • See what my daughter’s been asking about lately, click Questions.
  • Get the latest update from my ongoing 50 States of Public Art tour, click 50 States of Public Art.
  • See what my daughter has been reading lately or look for a good book for your child, click Book Reviews.
  • Find a specific bit of information or locate a half-remembered post, use the Search bar.
  • Follow me on Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, or Instagram, click the appropriate social media icon.
    • Note: There are two Goodreads icons. The first connects you to my author page. The second one points to the Caterpickles page which archives all the books we’ve read on Caterpickles, shelved according to the age my daughter was when we reviewed them.
  • Follow Caterpickles by email or RSS, use the appropriate signup widget in the sidebar.

The other pages in the main navigation bar are basically what you’d expect from their titles.

  • About Me tells you a little bit about me.
  • About Caterpickles provides a summary of the types of posts you’ll find on this blog.
  • Last but not least, My Books tells you about the books I’ve written and where you can buy them.

The only other thing to tell you is that I’ve changed the newsletter mailing list so that instead of a static signup form in the sidebar, there’s a one-time pop-up form. It should only appear the first time you visit Caterpickles from a given IP address, and stay gone once you’ve dealt with it. Let me know if it misbehaves.

I’d love to hear what you think about the new format. Leave a comment below to tell me what works and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

Thanks for reading Caterpickles!

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