Critter update: The opossums strike back

Apparently the Opossums That Be didn’t much care for my post on what to do if an opossum visits your backyard.

In fact, they seem to have gotten pretty riled up, because they are now threatening my family. When my brother-in-law showed up for work last week, he found Bruiser here waiting for him.

Thanks to my sister, our family has a new family blessing. “May you never walk in to find an opossum sitting in your desk chair.” (Photo: Bryan Brown)

Some shenanigans ensued, the details of which remain classified. Because the Opossum Army of North America is clearly monitoring this site, all I’m allowed to tell you is that I still have a brother-in-law and he no longer has a furry office mate.

Fear not, brave readers. Even though Bruiser managed to trash every office, hallway, and kitchen in the place during The Omnivorous Opossum Onslaught of 2018, we will not be cowed! Caterpickles journalism continues unabated!

Reminder: What to do when you find an opossum in your home or office

If you too should stroll into your office one fine morning to find an opossum sitting in your chair, you can either:

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