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What’s The Ten-Year-Old reading this week?

Mabel Gray and the Wizard Who Swallowed the Sun by Clayton Smith

First, the disclosure: I learned about this book two years ago, when I took a self-publishing class from Clayton Smith at the Chicago Writer’s Conference. I laughed my way through the book at the time, but when The (then) Eight-Year-Old tried it, she pronounced it too scary.

The (now) Ten-Year-Old rediscovered this book on her Kindle this week, and absolutely loves it. Today, her main complaint is that Book 2 doesn’t appear to be out yet. (There are, however, two Brightsbane Fairy Tales — Two Former Rogues and The Boy Who Trucked with Crows, which will magically appear on her Kindle by the end of the day.)

What Mabel Grey and the Wizard Who Swallowed the Sun is about

An evil wizard has swallowed the sun over Brightsbane, draping the town in darkness. Now the same wizard has stolen the Boneyard Compendium, a book of powerful spells that the wizard plans to use to destroy Brightsbane completely. Luckily, the wizard doesn’t yet have the three bone keys that he needs to unlock the Compendium. Can little Mabel Gray find all three in time to save her world?

Why The Ten-Year-Old thinks you’ll like it

Mabel Gray is perfect for anyone who likes fantasy, really crazy stuff. Not scary, just weird sort of post-apocalyptic stuff, like when they trade the sun for a potato. Anyone who likes crazy stuff like that would like this book a lot.”

So, what you reading this week?

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