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Throwback Thursday: The Four-Year-Old’s Vintage White Leather Cowboy Boots

The boots, temporarily at rest after weeks of near constant jumping.

When The Nine-Year-Old was a mere Four-Year-Old, she walked into an antique shop in Cape Cod one rainy afternoon and discovered a just-her-size pair of vintage white leather cowboy boots.

As The Four-Year-Old said while jumping up and down in the store during the test run before purchase: “These boots have got some hop in them, Mommyo.”

After hopping over to a mirror and pausing (briefly) to admire her reflection, The Four-Year-Old realized that her boots had far more potential than she had first realized. “Maybe I could go herding a cow in them, Mommyo. Or a bull. Mommyo! Maybe I could even get a job in Texas!”

(At the time The Four-Year-Old had a burning desire to get to Texas, as she was under the impression that Santa spent his summers there.)

I wonder where those boots have ended up. I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have given them away to just anybody.

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