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Wordless Wednesday: Chronicles of a Crappy Barista

(Photo: Shala Howell)

(Photo: Shala Howell)

(Photo: Shala Howell)

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be getting that call back from Starbucks.

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2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Chronicles of a Crappy Barista”

  1. rayworth1973

    No idea what you were trying to make! Oh well, I never worry about it anyway when I go there. I always get the same thing, no matter what and it doesn’t involve any patterns. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t mess up once in a while, or…sometimes put their fingers inside the cup. God I hate that!


    • Shala Howell

      It was my morning coffee. You know, the super fancy kind that comes out of a Keurig and is promptly doctored up with milk and sugar. There really wasn’t anything more to it, which is why I found it hilarious that I had accidentally created a terrifying smiley face when I poured in the milk.



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