(Photo: Michael Howell)
(Photo: Michael Howell)


  1. There are pink and white dogwoods. Magnolias have huge flowers and huge leaves. I mean really big, at least all the species I’ve ever seen. we have some right outside the building where I work. They also like the sidewalks along Ball Road going to Disneyland.


    • Yeah, I think you’ve hit upon what’s confusing me. I’m used to the giant magnolia flowers and equally giant leaves of the white magnolias we had growing up in Texas. These trees have tulip-sized pink flowers, but their leaves aren’t gigantic, as far as I can tell. Not sure how to categorize them. Every spring I tell myself I really should get that field guide to local trees, and every spring I fail to do so. Guess I like looking at trees, but am at the same time, resigned to never actually knowing what I’m looking at.

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