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Sunday Dinner at Caterpickles

Cassandra Austen's portrait of her sister, Jane. (Image via JASNA)

Cassandra Austen’s watercolour portrait of her sister, Jane. (Image via JASNA)

Mommyo: “The Eight-Year-Old actually accused me this week of geeking out over Jane Austen.”

Uncle Phil: “She’s not incorrect.”

(I would like to note for the record that at this point, Uncle Phil had no idea what had actually prompted The Eight-Year-Old’s accusation. He merely assumed that whatever the context for the comment was, The Eight-Year-Old was fully justified in making it.)

Mommyo, indignantly: “It’s not geeky to adore Jane Austen.”

Daddyo: “Uh… you’re gonna need a dictionary.”

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