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Happy New Year!

Vintage New Year’s card featuring one of Mommyo’s favorite birds. (Source: The Graphics Fairy)

Vintage New Year's card featuring one of Mommyo's favorite birds. (Source: The Graphics Fairy)

Vintage New Year’s card featuring one of Mommyo’s favorite birds. (Source: The Graphics Fairy)

We’re taking a day off today for a Family Togetherness It’s a New Year Movie and/or Holiday Fun Marathon (I’m not really sure which we’re doing since I’m typing this up in advance). Regardless, I know we won’t be posting anything else today. Regular blogging will resume next week.

Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. rayworth1973

    Happy New Year to you too. When we lived in Spain, we used to pop the grapes, one for each toll of the clock bell in Puerta del Sol, Madrid at midnight every year. I could never do it, no matter how uh… medicated I was. My family still does it, at least on my wife’s side. At least they try since they lived over there when I met her back in the day (she was an Air Force brat). Last night, I went to bed about 10 or so. Could care less. I got up at 3 AM for work so I was burnt anyway. Been there, done that plus I didn’t care to either try to get in the madness in downtown Las Vegas on a freezing evening, or even watch those tired old celebrations on TV with the bland pap passing for the latest “hot” music, not that I’m really knocking it. Hey, I did see the new years in Dubai! They had that hotel catch on fire and showed the same celebration over and over and over and over…well, you get the picture.

    I’m done…


    • Shala Howell

      It’s been years since we did anything other than hang out at home or at a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve. We go out for a fancy meal on New Year’s Day, but as my uncle likes to say, going out on the town for New Year’s Eve is for amateurs. We stay home, enjoy each other’s company, watch movies, etc. But then, we are a quiet sort of people.



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