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“What does an ant’s mouth look like?”

Up close and highly magnified image of an ant's face, showing the mouth, antennae, and front legs as well.

Photo: Kumarvijay1708 via DeviantArt. He has quite a collection of nature photographs over there.

Those chompers on the side are called mandibles. The mouth is behind it.

Paul Illsley has posted a number of high magnification portraits of insects and spiders at Tiny Faces in Nature. His collection includes this remarkable portrait of an ant, which gives a little better sense of what’s actually inside an ant’s mouth.

Mouth of an ant (Photo: Paul Illsley)

Mouth of an ant (Photo: Paul Illsley)

Does your little Caterpickle want to know more about ants? The ASU School of Life Sciences has an interesting web article explaining the various parts of ant anatomy and how different kinds of ants spend their days.

On a personal note, I had hoped that the end of summer would bring an end to the “Let’s ask Mommyo questions about bugs!” phase.

Apparently not.

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