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We interrupt your Tuesday to wish The Eight-Year-Old’s Grandpa a Very Happy Birthday


Last year, we were lucky enough to be able to go to Florida for The (then) Seven-Year-Old’s Grandpa Howell’s birthday. Naturally, the topic of what to serve Grandpa on his birthday came up. Grandpa asked for coconut pie. The (then) Seven-Year-Old was not happy to hear that.

Grandma: “Haven’t you ever had coconut pie, The Seven-Year-Old?”

The (then) Seven-Year-Old: “No. I don’t like any kind of pie.”

Grandma: “Well, coconut pie is Grandpa’s favorite. He loves it so much he requested it for his birthday.”

The (then) Seven-Year-Old: “Yuck. I would definitely call myself short-changed if I had that at my birthday party.”

Happy Birthday, Grandpa, from all of us at Caterpickles. We hope your day is filled with laughter and coconut pie (if you like that sort of thing).

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2 Responses to “We interrupt your Tuesday to wish The Eight-Year-Old’s Grandpa a Very Happy Birthday”

  1. HDHowell

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes! Grandma baked a coconut cake this year, so I don’t feel short- changed.



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