Wordless Thursday: Bundled up

I know. It’s supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but the Columbus Day holiday is throwing me off. You’d think after 12 years of living up north I’d be used to getting a random day off in October, but I’m not.

Anyway, look what I found when I got to my writing desk this morning. Fall weather hit us all of a sudden yesterday and I guess The Six-Year-Old was worried my writing bunny would get cold.

Somebunny's got a new wool coat. (Photo: Shala Howell)
Somebunny’s got a new fur coat. (Photo: Shala Howell)

“Hey lady, reptile over here. I kind of need that shell for warmth. Can I have it back now?”

(Photo: Shala Howell)
(Photo: Shala Howell)

Is it just me, or does the bunny look sad now that she’s lost her coat?

(Photo: Shala Howell)
(Photo: Shala Howell)

Oh the things I’ll do to put off writing in the morning…

Happy Thursday, y’all.

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  1. You should be used to the day off in October from your childhood. It was called Fair Day (because we got tickets to attend the state fair) in our school district back then, but it always fell on Columbus Day.


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